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Why Quartz Crystal Bowls?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Tibetan brass bowls have been used for healing and meditation for centuries.

The relatively new discovery of quartz crystal singing bowls happened in Silicon Valley, where quartz crucibles are being used to grow single crystal ingots from silicon metal for use in the production of high quality computer chips. Quartz is the only material that provides enough stability for the manufacture of single crystal ingots. Presumably somebody discovered how beautiful the crucibles sounded when tapped and from there, interested people were inspired to develop an entirely new use for them stemming from an ancient Tibetan (and possibly also Egyptian) tradition: Singing Bowl Sound Healing.

In my experience, the healing qualities of quartz crystal bowls differ from their brass cousins. Brass frequencies are more conducive to removing entities and lower vibrational energies and are quite grounding, whilst the higher frequencies of quartz assist with inter-dimensional states of consciousness, clarity and cell repair. I would be interested in hearing your experience of the differences between the two during a Sound Bath :)

Both can facilitate the stilling of the 'monkey mind', those mental fluctuations that create Avidya (the veil of ignorance), assisting our meditation process and achieving more expanded states of awareness.

The Alchemical Crystal Bowls have many complex frequencies that linger in overtones, often for several minutes after they have stopped being played.

These quartz, gem and metal frequencies travel through the quantum field, and when they match frequency with the atoms, cells and water in our bodies, they resonate ...assisting organisation, function and balance. When combined with the breath, loving intention, crystals, colour and scent, the experience can be a transformational one!

Most of the white, frosted quartz bowls you can purchase on eBay do the job quite well, but it was the healing intentions of the intuitive U.S company 'Crystal Tones' that took the creation of healing crystal bowls to a whole new level, using very pure, high grade quartz (yes, it matters) and introducing precious metals and gemstones during a triple firing process to create unique, one off, Alchemical Crystal Bowls. These bowls have been fired in kilns up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit - producing transparency, clarity, exquisitely beautiful colours and long lasting overtones.

Every single Alchemical singing bowl is completely unique, with its own character, note, frequency and ability. Every particle of matter has its own unique frequency and message - the addition of platinum to quartz for example, gives an ethereal rainbow sheen to the quartz and through its signature frequency, helps balance the Divine Feminine. The Platinum Ray is said to be brought to Earth by the Cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) since the earliest times of Lemuria and Atlantis and by the 12 Plantinum Angels who are assisting humanity with full playing a Platinum Crystal bowl is a true alchemical application of Platinum - in the form of sound waves!

Once you have experienced playing and receiving an Alchemical Crystal Bowl, the white frosted ones seem, well, 2 dimensional. Don't get me wrong, the white frosted bowls are powerful healing tools and great for large spaces and outdoor use, but the Alchemical Bowls would be my first choice as a healing tool. But they come at a price! Think Abundance!

For me, the quartz bowls from China lack dimension and seem dull and lifeless by comparison. But they can be an excellent way to begin your collection and I've bought several myself in the past. The white frosted bowls from Crystal Tones are superior to the Chinese versions - and so cost a little more. Crystal Tones in the U.S.A guard their techniques closely and as yet, no one has been able to produce bowls of similar quality.

Ultimately though, it is the integrity and loving intention of the one who is playing them that matters most.

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