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Sonic Meditations

Divine evenings of relaxation and renewal. Suzy Flowers, Sonic Alchemist,  plays 18 Alchemical Quartz Crystal Bowls, taking you to deeply relaxed states, to align and transform on many levels. If you express interest by contacting Suzy, she will add you to her list and send you flyers for upcoming sessions. June 24th 2024 session is sold out.


Online via Zoom 

Once you have purchased your Ticket, your live Zoom link can be found at the bottom of your Order Confirmation email under 'Additional Information'.

You will also be sent the link again, 2 days before the Event.


Online retreat


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The Manifestation Key - Infinite Freedom Retreat

Delicious and healing weekend Spring Retreat 

Join Suzy Flowers @yogasonics, Advanced Yoga Teacher, Master Sound Alchemist and Life Transformed Coach, for a healing and transformative  experience combining Yoga, Crystal Sound Immersions and Life Transformed teachings for the perfect synergy to open you to your full potential, freedom and authenticity. 

Dates coming soon for 2021


Sonic Meditation

a divine evening of crystal bowl alchemy, relaxation and renewal 

Amanda Brisot

Room to Breath Sonic Meditations are my fortnightly dose of joy, peace and gratitude. Every two weeks, I take a couple of hours to sit, breath and reset my energy. I cannot tell you how transformative this is.  I leave feeling completely refreshed and joyful and always sleep like a baby that night.

Attending regular sessions has changed my life in so many ways, I rarely get caught up in drama or spiral out of control emotionally and find myself in a state of gratitude much more often. I can’t really describe how wonderful the bowls are and how they make me feel, other than to say that they take my meditation to a whole new level. I love them!


'Everything about the evening was a blessing. Great finish to a hectic week and I had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. You need to bottle it!'

Jacinta Whittington – Cammeray

I felt the vibration permeating my entire body, as if the sound was recalibrating my own vibration. It was heavenly! Incredibly grounding, calming and soothing. After the session, I felt really happy, peaceful, clear minded and free. 


Experiencing crystal bowls healing with Suzy was an amazing experience. After a big week, I arrived tired and sluggish. But as soon as the singing bowls began, their vibration was powerfully uplifting: relaxing and energising at the same time. They affected my body in both a gentle and profound way, leaving me feeling peaceful, energised and scintillatingly alive.

This session is a healing meditation on sound and silence. Never meditated before? No worries! All you need to do is listen and relax and allow. You will be lying down for 40 mins, so bring your own pillow and blanket. 

Ideal if you're feeling stressed, not sleeping, recouperating from illness, loss or injury or suffering from anxiety or depression or just feel like treating yourself. 

If you are unable to lie on the floor, I recommend a Private Sound session for similar results.

These monthly sessions are very popular, so book in soon to save your place.

One Day Playshop
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The Manifestation Key


'Infinite Freedom' retreat



Please make contact and register your interest in future events

'Infinite Freedom' retreat

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Spring Retreat

Infinite     Freedom

Join Suzy Flowers and Friends

SEPT 20-22nd, 2019

for the Infinite Freedom Retreat

at 'Jacks Corner Retreat' in Kangaroo Valley



This Spring, why not allow yourself a weekend dedicated to your personal freedom, health and transformation? 

To access tools that allow you to receive abundantly, to unlock and release old beliefs that have long been limiting possibility and freedom for you... 

The truth is, infinite freedom is all about your willingness to infinitely receive....this Retreat opens that door - you only need to choose to walk through it...

Will you give yourself the gift of connecting, in the peace and quiet of the Australian bush, to your authentic heart, so you can make true choices for yourself, choices that could easily transform your life? 

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 Amanda Brisot - "The Manifestation Key - Unlocking Possibilities" Day Retreat                                   

The workshop with Suzy was a highly transformative experience for me.  It gave me the time and space to                                      focus  on  how I wanted to ‘feel’ about my life and gave me the tools to commence that journey. One of the most                        transformative realisations was that I stopped waiting for miracles to happen to me and I started to notice and be grateful        for the abundant miracles that already surround me - every second of every day.  

Would you like to unlock the ego's gateway to infinite freedom?

Indicators that this Retreat would be great for you:

If you need a healing getaway in the country

If you value your personal growth and transformation

If you know it is easier for you to give than to receive

If you would like to improve your relationship; with others, with money, with yourself!

If you're looking for more freedom and opportunity in your life

Until recently, I didn't know what true freedom felt like....the infinite freedom that comes from my aligned choice!...

Read More

 During the Infinite Freedom Retreat, you will receive:

§  Freedom from the automatic, outdated programming that is holding you in a pattern of limitation and lack

§  Alignment with your true nature and how to make expansive choices from your heart 


§  Awareness of Principles that allow you to receive infinitely through every area your life 

§  Tools and practises to end the struggle, pain, anxiety and disharmony that 'reality' shows us

§  Alchemical Crystal Bowl Sonic Integration sessions to close each day and integrate your true choices

§  Daily Breath-Centred Yoga to nourish and relax your body and spirit


§  Delicious and nourishing meals prepared by Chef Jaya from Chef2Home -Vegan and GF available on request

We will be staying in secluded bushland,  at "Jacks Corner Retreat", a unique and peaceful homestead nestled in 40 acres of unspoilt rainforest and native bushland in magnificent Kangaroo Valley, NSW. Kangaroo Valley is described by many as "The most beautiful valley in Australia".

Are you ready to play with Freedom & Possibility this Spring?

Join Suzy Flowers and Friends at

'Jacks Corner Retreat'

145 Jacks Corner Road, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 

Sept 20-22nd, 2019

Pricing 2 nights all inclusive -  $789 p/p

Special OfferEarly Bird Discount $689 (closes July 30th - limited tickets). 

Please note: A $200 deposit is required by all participants before July 30th to secure your place. This is non-refundable should you decide to cancel. The balance must be paid before Aug 15th, 2019. Once you click the button below "Reserve your Place", you will be sent EFT details.

In the unlikely event the Retreat is cancelled by the organisor, all deposits & payments will be refunded to you in full.

Payment plans are available on early application (final payment on Aug 15th 2019)

For this price you receive :

2 nights Accommodation with all bedding and linen supplied (Value $200)

6 Chef quality meals, snacks and drinks available all day (prepared by Chef Jaya Muller of Chef2HomeVegan and GF available on request) (Value $200)

Advanced Facilitations:

Yoga classes (Value $50)

Alchemical Crystal Bowl Meditations (Value $100)

Life Transformed Sessions (Value $700 )

Total Actual Value $1250

You pay $789

Special Offers

§ Early Bird Discount $689 (closes July 30th - limited tickets). 

§ Those who have completed 'Unlocking Possibility' Level 1 Workshop come for the discounted rate of $669

Deposits and cancellation policy is the same as above.

Accommodation in the bedroom pavilions consists of 6 spacious share guest rooms, each with a private ensuite. 

All rooms have fans, heating, bush views and open onto a sunny courtyard garden.

Twin King Singles - 4 Rooms 

Twin King Bunks -   2 Rooms (only two people will be allocated per room - 4's a crowd!)

If you'd like to car pool, let me know and I will pass your details on 

Download the Retreat Schedule and Directions - you need this! There is no GPS after Kangaroo Valley Village
suzy flowers
Room to Breathe owner/operator 
Sonic Alchemist
Life Transformed Coach
BA Vis Arts | N.D | Advanced Diploma Yoga Teaching
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Michelle , Cammeray NSW 

"Suzy Flowers is a unique and phenomenal teacher! My sessions with her have had a profound impact on me. If you want to deeply connect with yourself and your core issues, work with Suzy! You really will change and be free of pasts that do not serve you".  

Book Now



But please make contact and register your interest in future events

Jacks Corner Retreat​

What people are saying about Suzy's recent workshop:

"The Manifestation Key - Unlocking Possibility - Urban Day Retreat"

held in April in Sydney, NSW

Group  copy.jpg

Susie Nelson-Smith

FABulous day, with wonderful teachings from our superb facilitator, Miss Suzy - and the food was absolutely delicious!!!

Can’t wait for the longer retreat!

Amanda Brisot

The Unlocking Possibilities Workshop was a highly transformative experience for me.  It gave me the time and space to focus on how I wanted to ‘feel’ about my life and gave me the tools to commence that journey. One of the most transformative realisations was that I stopped waiting for miracles to happen to me and started to notice and be grateful for the abundant miracles that already surround me - every second of every day.  

Sandy Ellison

 It really was a whole lot of magic rolled up into the best way to spend a day.

I am still feeling the effects.


Gabrielle Tropiano

What a beautiful day; completely nourishing for the Soul. I released emotional blocks I didn't even know existed! I feel like I'm walking on clouds and can't stop smiling :)


Suzi Browne

What a gift you have shared with us! This can change the world!

J. Whittington

A wonderful day with other beautiful souls! And the lunch provided by Jaya was SO delicious and wholesome.

I felt safe to open up and do some deep inner work. Suzy helped us remember who we really are, and what we are truly capable of. I am feeling more confident in myself and much lighter in spirit - equipped and eager to take some big steps forward in my life. I love working with Suzy!!

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