welcome to

room to Breathe

now more than ever...

as everyone on the planet, as one, 

has the opportunity to discover Love is greater than fear

Transformation is only a Breath away 

  • Room to Breathe is open once again to Private clients  

  •  Zoom group yoga classes are still running online at reduced cost

  • Sonic Meditations now online : SONIC MEDITATION

Thank You for your Light and Love

personalised yoga    crystal sound therapy    transformation


Small Yoga classes & Private classes that respond to your individual needs in a peaceful & supportive environment.​

All levels welcome. 

Sonic Meditations

Regular monthly Sessions

held on Mondays closest to the New & Full Moons.

Divine evenings of increasing your frequency, healing and renewal

  Heart&Soul Sessions

Private sessions

to release core issues that no longer serve you. You will be given life-changing tools and processes for ongoing transformation 

The Manifestation Key

 Urban Day Retreat 

"Infinite Possibility" 2020 TBA

Unlock limitations in key areas of your life - its going to be expansive & FUN!

Sound Therapy

Private Crystal Sound sessions will transport you into a deeply meditative, healing space, recalibrating even the most stressed nervous system. 


"The Abundant Life Key"

Unlock the abundant frequency of your authentic Self.
Release the limitations that have been holding you back to
be who YOU came here to be!  


Green Park Shops

22 Cammeray Rd, Cammeray 2062 NSW Australia

Michelle , Cammeray NSW

I cannot recommend Suzy Flowers highly enough. She is a unique and phenomenal teacher. 

The Heart & Soul Sessions have had a profound impact on me.

If you want to deeply connect with yourself and your core issues, work with Suzy!

You really will change and be free of pasts that do not serve you.

J. Whittington - NSW Australia

Suzy's presence is loving & divine in a real and down to earth way. Her teachings are concise, insightful & liberating. I’ve had quite a few epiphanies in her classes. Then there’s the Crystal Bowls!! WOW… what an incredible way to end a session! I walk away from every class on such a high. 

Suzy Flowers at Room to Breathe 

22 Cammeray RD, Cammeray NSW

Crystal Sound Alchemist, Life Transformed Coach,

BA Vis Arts, N.D, Advanced Yoga Teacher

 0408 668 120