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is what's left when you let go of everything you don't need

Eric Shiffman

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Michelle , Cammeray NSW - Heart&Soul Sessions

I cannot recommend Suzy Flowers highly enough. She is a unique and phenomonal teacher! The Heart & Soul Sessions have had a profound impact on me. Suzy gently and skillfully guides me to scary and unhealed parts of myself and lovingly holds me there, so that I can see my past from wider and higher perspectives, connect with old hurts and unhelpful beliefs and effectively release them.

If you want to do more than just talk about your problems, if you want to deeply connect with yourself and your core issues, work with Suzy! You really will change and be free of pasts that do not serve you.

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Amanda Brisot - Sonic Session

Room to Breath Sonic Meditations are my fortnightly dose of joy, peace and gratitude. Every two weeks, I take a couple of hours to sit, breathe and reset my energy. I cannot tell you how transformative this is.  I leave feeling completely refreshed and joyful and always sleep like a baby that night.

Attending regular sessions has changed my life in so many ways, I rarely get caught up in drama or spiral out of control emotionally and find myself in a state of gratitude much more often. I can’t really describe how wonderful the bowls are and how they make me feel, other than to say that they take my meditation to a whole new level.

I love them!

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J. Whittington,  NSW Australia

Sonic Yin Yoga

Suzy's presence is loving & divine in a real and down to earth way. Her teachings are concise, insightful & liberating. I’ve had quite a few epiphanies in her classes. Then there’s the crystal bowls!! WOW… what an incredible way to end a session! After I sit up I feel the most amazing, loving energy flowing so freely through my spine, that I could happily & comfortably sit there for 2 more hours in total bliss. I walk away from every class on such a high. 

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Suzi Browne, Naremburn NSW

I am so grateful to have found Suzy!!  Her classes are unique and highly valued. I really appreciate the ambience she creates, her knowledge and guidance to help us follow our own spiritual paths. Wow, what a different society we would live in, if we all were able to experience a gift such as hers. Thank you Suzy Flowers for allowing us to follow the light of our souls!!  Thank you for each little "peace" we discover about ourselves each week in returning back to source. Feeling very blessed right now.

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Danielle Clarke Mona Vale, NSW Australia 

Suzy Flowers is such a delight.  She has this warm and friendly nature which immediately welcomes and calms you as you come into Room to Breathe.   Suzy has this innate wisdom which is coupled with her extensive knowledge of a variety of modalities.  A gifted healer, with the ability to bring through light and love, her classes are a truly memorable and healing experience.

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Glenda Gow, Greenwich NSW

Sonic Meditation Session

During the session, I felt expanded, blissful and was aware of movements in my body as the energy seemed to be melting ice crystals in my cells. The Guided Relaxation was amazing as I could connect with a higher aspect of myself that was beyond imagining. It was the beginning of the release of energy in my body that occurred during the crystal bowls sounding. Thank you for last night, it was truly magnificent.  My body and my being are very grateful.

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Katie Ravich, Cammeray NSW - Private Yoga

 If you are looking for someone local who is an exceptional yoga therapist, then I highly recommend Suzy Flowers of 'Room to Breathe' in Cammeray. I have been learning from Suzy in one-to-one private yoga classes for the last two years. She is an exceptional yoga teacher as well as being a beautiful woman inside and out! 

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Gabrielle Tropiano - Yoga, Sound Bath, The Manifestation Key Retreat

Suzy made me feel at home from the minute I walked into her Studio. Since meeting her for a Yin class on a Thursday, I was so impressed I booked in for a Sound Bath which was a truly amazing experience. 5 stars from me!

The Manifestation Key Retreat was completely nourishing for the Soul. I released emotional blocks I didn't even know existed! I feel like I'm walking on clouds and can't stop smiling :)

Simone Trees, Cammeray NSW - Private Yoga, Sound Therapy, Heart&Soul Sessions

Jane - Sonic Relaxation

Experiencing crystal bowls healing with Suzy was an amazing experience. After a big week, I arrived tired and sluggish. But as soon as the singing bowls began, their vibration was powerfully uplifting: relaxing and energising at the same time. They affected my body in both a gentle and profound way, leaving me feeling peaceful, energised and scintillatingly alive.

Robert - Private Yoga & Sound

I initially came to see Suzy for a Sound Bath, which proved to be a transformative experience. This then led to some private yoga classes and I soon realised what a gifted Yoga teacher she is. Suzy is enthusiastic, knowledgable and skilful. She makes Yoga fun and enjoyable and leaves me feeling that I am getting the most out of all of the sessions.

Importantly, I also feel that I am always learning something new, not just about Yoga, but in the process, also about myself. I am grateful for her patient, caring and compassionate nature.

Lisa - Hatha Yoga

I have attended Suzy's meditation and yoga classes over the past three years and always gain a sense of peace and calmness that I truly relish. Suzy is a gifted teacher and I feel truly blessed to have found her.

Kristen - Private Yoga

 I highly recommend Suzy’s Restorative Yoga to anyone experiencing grief. The session was so gentle and focussed and I felt supported by the poses themselves and the way that Suzy helped me into them. It felt like I had been holding the grief in the muscles and tissues of my body and the supported poses were able to bypass my mind and any resistance to feeling. I felt safe to surrender to the tears that I knew were inside me. I came away feeling refreshed and lighter from my release.

Kerryn - Yoga

Not only is Suzy Flowers an inspirational and highly experienced yoga teacher, she is a gracious, warm and supportive being. 'Room to Breathe' is a calm and welcoming space, brimming with Suzy’s spiritual energy. You will love it!

Linda - Sound Bath

I arrived feeling low in energy & closed-off. During the Crystal Sound Session I felt bathed in sound externally and internally my cells felt like each one was being activated. I didn't want the session to end!

Afterwards I felt open and in a deep space - which lasted for days. How can a session like this be anything but healing? I will definitely be returning!

Danielle Clarke, Mona Vale NSW - Sonic Meditation

 I really enjoy the shared experience of the group.  The bowls are just amazing! They support deep relaxation and a journeying that I have not experienced before. I experience the journeying between being awake and asleep and feel tingling through my body as the bowls are played. After the session I feel relaxed and reconnected, settled within my body. As my body relaxes it has permission to let go of the tension it holds so tightly, at times, through the day.

Shona - Sound Bath

My session was profoundly relaxing and beautiful. I arrived in quite a lot of pain due to endometriosis, exhausted and stressed. For the first minute, as Suzy played the bowls,  the pain got a little worse but then completely disappeared!!! I had been in pain for many months, so this was amazing!! 

Gillian Meadow - Sonic Meditation

I arrived at the Sonic session tired and on the verge of a headache.

During the session, my breathing became more easeful and tensions began to release. Afterwards I felt peaceful, nourished and rejuvenated. The next day my energy, which often fluctuates, felt distinctly like the energy levels in my 20’s: stronger and steadier throughout the course of the day.

Natalie - Yoga

I really love Suzy's gentle teaching style. I feel happy, centred and relaxed after her classes and am generally less moody. Those feelings stay with me for days after a class. I love the meditation so much and the gentle movement and relaxation into the poses. I no longer need to go to acupuncture every week; my neck and back pain are dramatically improved. I feel fantastic.

Brooke - Yoga

I find Suzy's classes hugely beneficial for a general sense of well-being. The classes are small and personalised in a supportive environment. Suzy herself is a wise, caring and inspirational teacher and I always leave her classes feeling invigorated, energised and with a sense of optimism.

Brigit - Yoga

Yoga has definitely improved my posture and relieved the tension in my shoulders. It has been very beneficial tackling anxiety and depression. Im definitely calmer and more peaceful in my outlook. Suzy is an excellent and creative teacher and the different practices and postures are always fresh and innovative.

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