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Room to Breathe

 a soul haven of private yoga, relaxation and transformation

Room to Breathe is a small, boutique studio for Personal Transformation, 

where we pay attention to your unique needs with

Private Yoga, Crystal Sound Therapy

and Heart&Soul Coaching.

Crystal Sound Therapy, 'Yogasonics', Heart&Soul Coaching

Sound Therapy assists healing on many levels and is beautiful to receive.

Heart&Soul Coaching is transformational, leading edge, private therapy.

Yogasonics integrates Private Yoga with Sound Therapy in the same session. Self-care heaven!

Gift Certificates Available for all Session types

Studio Hire Available 

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suzy flowers
Room to Breathe owner/operator 
Sonic Alchemist
Advanced Life Transformed Coach
BA Vis Arts | N.D | Advanced Diploma Yoga Teaching

If you've found your way here, chances are we will meet soon! I look forward to that day! 

It would be my honour and joy to offer you the knowledge, support and transformation that has also been gifted to me. 

I can offer you keys that I know will quickly and radically transform your life if you choose them  - keys to doors which took me decades to find, I can share with you here and now !! 

And that makes me very happy :)

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your steps toward wellbeing and transformation :)  

During the 1980's, Suzy ran a private Naturopathic Practise for over a decade. The mental and emotional origins of much dis-ease and unhappiness became evident to her during those years and it was a natural progression for her to move into the field of Psychotherapy. Years later, at the end of her training in Advanced Yoga Teaching, Suzy focused on the benefits of Yoga for the Grieving Process - Restorative Yoga for example, can be the most comforting and supportive gift when you are suffering loss.  Suzy says: "Yoga has been, and continues to be, such a gift. It not just about the postures, although they help keep your body well, it is about growing self-awareness  -  of being fully present in your skin, in every cell, understanding your body is made of your spirit and the stuff of stars - and there is no separation". 

Suzy has studied with eminent and gifted teachers throughout her life and around the world including; Swami Saraswati, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and Rikka Zimmerman - healing the physical body with Naturopathy, to healing the mental/emotional body with Psychotherapy, to the awakening of the Spirit

with Yoga, Crystal Sound Therapy (with Susie Nelson-Smith) and Life Transformed Coaching.

                       Suzy is also a gifted musician, singer/songwriter with a CD "HEX" (2001) available on iTunes which explains her passion for pure, applied Sound as a healing modality.

                       She is currently working on a new album of very different music to that on HEX...full of channelled messages and codes of light. Check her Blog for new tracks. Carnelian Sacral Activation


All her sessions and teachings are offered with a warm, open heart and she has an intuitive healing eye when it comes to knowing where a person is at and which tools and processes will serve them best. Suzy will create an inspired, supportive, safe and professional space for you, assisting you to release outdated physical, mental and emotional patterns to expand and uplift your spirit.


Michelle , Cammeray NSW 

"I cannot recommend Suzy Flowers highly enough. She is a unique and phenomonal teacher! Her teachings have had a profound impact on me. Suzy gently and skillfully guides me to connect with old hurts and unhelpful beliefs and effectively release them.

If you want to do more than just talk about your problems, if you want to deeply connect with yourself and your core issues, work with Suzy!  You really will change and be free of pasts that do not serve you".

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