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1 Private Yoga class       $125

The best choice! If you are new to yoga, want to deepen or customise your practise or have any issues that need particular attention

Privtes Pricing

4 Private Yoga classes      $440

The smart, best choice! Great class prices and you set the dates to suit you

Couples Private Yoga      $150

 4 Couples Private Yoga      $540

 4 Yin Meditation classes     $140

Choose if you want to bring a partner, a friend or family member and enjoy the luxury and wisdom of practising yoga privately

Choose if you want to bring a partner, a friend or family member and enjoy a discount class price

Choose these fortnightly, online group classes to cultivate peace and calm for body, mind and spirit 

crystal Sound therapy Prices

Sound Therapy Prices

Yogasonics 90mins          $200

The ultimate self-care combination of customised Private Yoga and Sound Therapy. 

4 Yogasonics save $60!      $740

Sound Bath  75mins           $175

Celestial Orchestra 60mins   $170

Alchemy Crystal Bowls set around your whole  body and played in a healing sequence...the best choice if you feel you need some healing.

15 Alchemy Crystal Bowls played at the crown of your head...heavenly! Choose this session if you'd like to feel lighter and clearer. Divinely Uplifting! 

Monthly Sonic Meditation  $40

                                    see events page

A divinely inspired 2 hr group meditation session with Crystal Singing Bowls, guided relaxation and meditation. Book early - its popular!

Private Group Sonic Meditation 
 200 per hr

Invite the people you want to share this beautiful, healing gift with! 

Price includes travel time to and from your venue .


Personal Transformation Prices

Heart&Soul Session 90 mins$180

Transformational sessions that address your core issues and unhelpful beliefs, releasing old patterns and pasts that do not serve you.

 4 Heart&Soul Sessions   $698

Highly recommended. One session can do wonders, 4 can change your life!

Truly a gift beyond price.

Soul Song

SOUL SONG                      
Discovery session $180
Soul Song Weaving $218   Total 

Imagine having a unique Song, that you help create, in your music library, to meditate with, heal with, dance to, play with! Get creative!!

Gift Certificates   
Sound Therapy                                    $170  60mins
Private Yoga                            $120 75mins
Couples Private Yoga             $145 75mins
Soul Song                               $398 

A great gift at a great price for someone you care about - any time of year!

Gift Cert

Book Suzy and her Alchemical Crystal Bowls
for your next Event               $200 per hr

Includes travel time to and from venue 

Studio Hire - Sat's & Sun's
 8 hrs $200 | 4hrs $120 | 2hrs $60

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