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One Breath at a Time

"Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health. There is no single more powerful – or more simple – daily practice to further your health and wellbeing than breathwork"  Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Healing

One of the main reasons Yoga makes us feel so great, is the practise of Pranayama

(yogic breath techniques), that accompany the practise of Asana (the postures). My training included a whole year dedicated to learning and practising the myriad breathing techniques and their specific applications that is the science of Pranayama. There are different breaths for every condition and situation, time of year and day and we can diagnose and balance someones whole energy system by watching their habitual breathing patterns and prescribing specific Pranayamas  for them. Over time, breathing habits can alter your palette, your facial and upper body bone structure, the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance, lung health, the alkalinity of your blood...and so much more! It truly is the absolute crowning glory of your yoga practise and the secret ingredient to the sense of 'wellbeing' that Yoga creates. 


At Room to Breathe, meditations are integral to each class. Check for upcoming Meditation evenings on the Events page. Meditation is a sure-fired way to know yourself better, as the truly awesome Being you are! You will gain emotional resiliency and balance, a brighter mental focus, better relationships, compassion for yourself and is the time! and Now is all we truly have

Private Yoga Therapy    
No two bodies are the same...what serves one may not serve the other.
Private classes are the ideal way to learn and advance your yoga.
Postures prescribed individually keep you safe and work best to keep you supple and strong throughout your life. It is the way yoga was taught an early form of Physiotherapy, but with multiple layers of awareness and tools that attend to the whole person...the physical body, subtle bodies, the mind and the breath.

During a private yoga session I will assess your condition and create a take-home yoga practise, adapted to your lifestyle and time constraints. A customised practise is the ideal way to practise yoga, because happy balance is the goal and your yoga practice can and should look totally different from day to day and can take many forms. The benefits will be obvious to you!



Integrated Yoga & Sound Therapy. During this unique Private session, you will receive the ultimate self-care combination of 45 minutes of customised, breath-centred Hatha yoga specific to your needs, followed by 35 minutes of the deeply relaxing and blissful experience of a Celestial Tones Orchestra and ending with 10 minutes of Meditation. Every cell and particle in your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

No  matter  how  inflexible  you  feel,  these classes  will  suit you

My classes reflect the needs of my age group (50+) but will suit men and women of any age looking for more peace and space, improved strength and flexibility and expanded awareness.

With my professional background as a Naturopath and Psychotherapist, I bring a wealth of healing experience to my yoga teaching. I will create a supportive, safe and professional space for your practise, assisting you to release old, restricting physical and mental patterns to expand and uplift your spirit.

Brooke - Yoga

I find Suzy's classes hugely beneficial for a general sense of well-being. The classes are small and personalised and I feel taken care of. Suzy herself is a wise, caring and inspirational teacher and I always leave her classes feeling invigorated, energised and with a sense of optimism.

mon     Private Sessions - in Studio     
tues     Private Sessions  - in Studio
fri         Private Sessions - in Studio
thurs    Private Sessions - in Studio
sat       Private Sessions  - in Studio
sun      all day                  Studio for Hire        8 hrs $160   |  4hrs $100   |  2hrs $45
weds   Private Sessions - in Studio      6pm-7.15pm  Yin Meditation online      
Sound Therapy


        Crystalline applied frequencies and Toning

         and the science of Resonance

Everything in this universe moves and vibrates at its own signature frequency, its own waveform. This is called the ‘Natural Frequency’. 

If we apply a vibration to any object, equal to it's Natural Frequency, it is a 'Resonance Condition'.

There are profound benefits for human physiology using resonant frequencies, as we do during a Sound Bath -

improved cell function, bone density and nerve repair for example. 

During a Sound healing session, the pure frequencies that emanate from quartz crystal blended with different gems and metals, create alchemical toroidal vortexes that resonate with individual organs and cells of your body; cleansing, activating and raising their frequency, helping to bring them back into balance. 

The Crystal Bowls have a remarkable ability to help still the monkey mind, allowing you to dive deeply during your session, creating expansion and clarity.

The Bowls can take you on a transformational journey and help you explore the liminal space between waking and sleeping…the space of infinite possibility and manifestation!

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Crystal Sound Therapy Sessions Menu

Book Suzy and her Alchemical Crystal Bowls for your next event

Celestial Tones
Serene Sound Bath    75mins

In this private session I play 8 quartz crystal bowls arranged around your body in a specific pattern. Be transported into a deeply relaxed state as the frequencies move in healing waves over and through your body. Very healing for the nervous system.

Celestial Tones Orchestra    75mins

In a private session I play 15 crystal bowls arranged a few metres from your crown. Uplifting and purifying. A heavenly way to relax and renew. 

Sonic Meditation Evenings  90MINS

Using the Orchestra of bowls in a group session, for over an hour and a half you will be transported into a deeply meditative, healing space. Toning with the voice, quartz crystal bowls and guided meditation are expertly designed to recalibrate even the most stressed nervous system. 

See the Events page for upcoming sessions.

Private Group Sonic Meditation  90MINS

Gather your friends for an experience of bliss & transformation - minimum 4 people

Amanda Brisot jpg.png

Amanda Brisot

Room to Breath Sonic Meditations are my fortnightly dose of joy, peace and gratitude. Every two weeks, I take a couple of hours to sit, breath and reset my energy. I cannot tell you how transformative this is.  I leave feeling completely refreshed and joyful and always sleep like a baby that night.

Attending regular sessions has changed my life in so many ways, I rarely get caught up in drama or spiral out of control emotionally and find myself in a state of gratitude much more often. I can’t really describe how wonderful the bowls are and how they make me feel, other than to say that they take my meditation to a whole new level. I love them!

Want to own your own Crystal Bowl or become a Crystal Sound Therapist? Go to @crystalsoundandlight

Soul Songs
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Finding Your Soul Song

"We are as the flute, and the music in us is from Thee"


Music is the true language of the Soul. We all relate to the power of music to move us and to convey the inexpressible. 

Now you can let your Soul speak to you and sing to you its own Songs that can guide and transform and celebrate your life journey!

Whether you consider yourself musical or not, with Suzy Flowers’ facilitation, you will happily and effortlessly allow your Soul to divinely gift you an entirely unique and original Song that you can play with, listen to, heal with, dance to, meditate with or use in whatever way you wish!


On a physical level, by using sound and music frequency you can mediate stress and pain, decrease inflammation, supercharge your immune system, balance your body systems and activate your capacity to heal at a cellular level. There is good science now to back these claims and applied frequency medicine is entering the mainstream. Support for healing the body will be applied 'musically' in future...drug free healing! Music Medicine! 

When we simply listen to beautiful music, the benefits are extensive and noticeable.

When we use our own voice to vibrate the body - with singing, humming or toning, the results are profound. Frequencies gently stimulate of the Vagus nerve, for example, which has applications in diseases of multiple systems, including epilepsy, depression, headache and several cardiovascular diseases. We find decreases in the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin and increases in dopamine and nitrous oxide - and the beneficial effects last for many hours afterward. 

Creating a Soul Song tailors sound to your own unique requirements - for the benefit your body and mind - via your Souls intuitive wisdom.

Your Soul is Infinite and infinitely creative! You may wish to create a Soul Song for a special occasion:

≈ For healing, to improve and support treatment outcomes

≈ For personal transformation

≈ To nurture a pregnancy, or celebrate a birth 

≈ To welcome in the New Year, or your Birthday 

≈ To support each of your Chakras

≈ Gift a session to a friend or loved one 

There are infinite reasons and maybe we don’t need a reason! Why do we create anything? Because we CAN. Because it’s FUN. Maybe you just love the idea of creating a Song! Soon you could have a whole Soul Song Album!


Imagine commissioning an artist to paint your portrait…but, during the first 'sitting', with the artists help, it is your Soul that creates the core of the image and later, the artist aligns and collaborates with Source and your Soul to fill in the background! Now imagine this completed portrait offering its healing frequencies to your entire being! 

Playful and fun, during your 2 hr Soul Song session, using her original processes, Suzy will assist you to find your unique song ‘threads’ and later, using her skills and gifts, Suzy will weave them intuitively for you into their full expression, with layers of sound, frequency, instrumentation and harmonies. This will take several days. Once completed, you will then be sent your magical Soul Song© as an MP3 file to enjoy on any device, anywhere, any time!

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Heather Oswald

"It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with Suzy to create my Soul Song. I'm not musical and never dreamed I could be part of creating such an amazing song. It was incredibly fulfilling and so much fun. Suzy made the whole process seem effortless. She created a truly beautiful and inspirational song which speaks to me on a deep level, helps ground me and connect me to Source. I use it daily a a profound meditation."

Julie Nihill

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but listening to my Soul song definitely blew my mind. I discovered somewhere the fullness of my self beyond 3D, the Self that is beyond the polarity of this world. Within this beautiful soundscape it seems like there are all the possibilities and layers of who I truly am - I had no idea. All the inspiration, possibility, love, dedication, strength and richness that is my multi dimensional self, and the multidimensional world I truly inhabit. It’s a coming home of sorts, listening to myself as I really am. I’ve never had this experience before and I now have this beautiful song as an evergifting reminder and invitation for me to come home to Me. I didn’t know what that meant until now.


Julie Nihill   Actor, Writer, Producer

Danielle Clarke

““WOW! what an experience creating my Soul Song with the amazing Suzy Flowers. It was so much fun! Suzy supported and encouraged me to play with sounds that were wanting to be expressed and it was sooooooo exciting to hear the final creation. She is such a talented musician and it shows in the final product. In addition to this Suzy is a multi-dimensional sound healer. Her presence and soul add a quality to the music that I find difficult to put into words. I was so impressed with the quality of my Song and so delighted to hear myself expressed this way. I feel bliss-filled when I listen to my song and it seems to have this ability to “take me home” no matter what I am experiencing – especially if I’m going through a challenging time. You just have to gift yourself this experience with Suzy, it is simply wonderful.”

Wendy Burgess

“The Soul Song process was easy, joyful and fun from start to finish. Although it took place over Zoom it really felt like I was in the room with Suzy, thanks to her technical expertise and high quality audio equipment. The process started with a beautiful sound bath from Suzy’s crystal bowls to raise my vibration and assist me to tune in with my soul.

After the session was over the alchemy began. Suzy used the tones and words that I was drawn to and wove them together masterfully, sensitively and creatively to create my Soul Song. It is so beautiful and inspiring that I cried the first time I heard it and I felt transported to another dimension.  I play my Soul song every day to raise my vibration and strengthen my connection with the divine.”

Soul Song Sessions are also available on Zoom. Get creative from home!
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Soul Song Fun_edited.jpg


Transform Your Life

Are you tired of fear limiting the choices you make?

Do you believe you are lacking in some way?

Do you feel alone or unacknowledged?

Do you know there is so much more you could be experiencing and sharing with the world?

Could your relationships with family, friends or partner, be improved? 

Would you like to feel a little happier? More joyful? And have that be a more stable experience?

Would you like to learn processes that assist with ongoing transformation in your life and benefit those around you?

These sessions are proven, rapidly transformational, leading edge, private therapy sessions that deeply connect you to your true self and your hearts desire, to reclaim the best of who you are and to know you have the power to make your dreams a reality. You will discover what is limiting and blocking your progress and be given powerful, simple tools that unlock infinite possibilities - yes !!  This work continues to change my life and the lives of my clients and I know it can change yours too! Let me offer you the key.

Are you ready to make a change?  Yes???   Great!!!!!

Make an enquiry today! 

Butterfly Key Small.jpg

Michelle , Cammeray NSW 

Heart&Soul Sessions

I cannot recommend Suzy Flowers highly enough. She is a unique and phenomonal teacher! The Heart & Soul Sessions have had a profound impact on me. Suzy gently and skillfully guides me to unhealed parts of myself and lovingly holds me there, so that I can see my past from wider and higher perspectives, connect with old hurts and unhelpful beliefs and effectively release them.

If you want to do more than just talk about your problems, if you want to deeply connect with yourself and your core issues, work with Suzy! You really will change and be free of pasts that do not serve you.

Suzy Flowers Advanced LTC with Rikka Zimmerman

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